Around the Shop

Current shop projects:
In addition to the constant running maintenance and inspections of the operating fleet, we have the following projects underway:

Baldwin S12 #308 - This locomotive is currently in the Bridgeport shop undergoing an air compressor rebuild and some engine work. It will receive a full inspection and servicing before heading back to work.

Baldwin S12 #304 - This unit is the long term "back shop" project. The front radiator section was completely rebuilt including repairing body rot and damage from a previous owner many years ago. The engine overhaul is nearly complete. Work continues on rebuilding the cab and many other body repairs. All old wiring has been removed and will be replaced with new. When finished, the locomotive will have multiple unit capability.

Steam Locomotive #9 - 0-6-0 #9 is now sitting back on her own wheels again. The spring rigging and driving boxes have been rebuilt with new crown brass. The brake rigging was also repaired or replaced as needed and is mostly completed. Most of the locomotive's appliances have been rebuilt including the air compressor, power reverse and dynamo. Ultra Sound testing was completed on the boiler, new calculations were made and everything passed with no problems. The goal is to complete the running gear repairs by the end of the year. Major firebox work will be ongoing. Ultimately, the entire inside firebox will be replaced including the rear tube sheet.

Reading caboose #92857 - When time permits, we are completely rebuilding this 1937 caboose. Over the past several years, we have replaced all the exterior steel "skin" as well as repaired much of the framework. We manufactured new mahogany window frames and doors in our own shop. The car is now ready for sandblasting and paint.

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