Rail-to-Truck and Truck-to-Rail Transloading Services

SMS Rail Lines has relationships with highly experienced, quality transporters of dry and liquid for rail-to-truck and truck-to-rail transfers at each of our locations. We are qualified to transport, load and unload a wide variety of commodities. SMS Rail Lines provides 24/7 service at each of our locations. All are strategically located to provide quick access to and from all major highways throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

We provide on-demand rail car switching and daily interchange with CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern Railway at Pureland and our Penn Warner branch; and the Northeast Industrial Park. Our Fort Edward location is served by Canadian Pacfic.

Our Transloading Providers Include:

SMS and Coraluzzo Torrissi Transport Eco-Terminal: specializing in Petroleum, Based Liquid Bulk; located in Logan Township, NJ – for more information see our brochure.

Kitchenman Terminal Company: specializing in chemical handling, storage and distribution; located in Fairless Hills, PA – for more information visit: www.kitchenmanterminal.com

Distribution Unlimited, Inc.: specializing in multi-commodity transfers and boxcar unloading services; located in Northeast Industrial Park, Guilderland Center, NY (Albany) – for more information visit: www.disunlt.com

SMS Transloading Terminal: specializing in liquid chemical transfer, light weight unloading aggregates, steel and center beam commodities located in Logan Township, NJ – for more information see our brochure.

Please click a link below to visit our Class I interchanges:

CSX Transportation: www.csx.com
Norfolk Southern Railway: www.nscorp.com
Canadian Pacific Railroad: www.cpr.ca

Please call SMS Rail Lines at 609-868-1342 for more information on our capabilities and how we can help you.

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